Timber Flooring Tips: Will Underlay Shut Your Kids Up?

Timber flooring can be a blessing if you have kids running around your home. Unlike carpets, timber floors make it easy to clean up kid messes, spills, dirt and accidents without leaving residual stains or marks. However, you may be concerned that timber floors, lovely as they might be to clean, may make your house noisier than it already is. Like most kids, your children probably run everywhere rather than walk and could outstomp an elephant in a competition. Read More 

Choosing the Right Features for Your Caravan’s Awning Wall

An awning wall can be a great feature to add to your caravan, as this type of awning provides more protection from the sun and the elements during your camping holiday. Since there are many types of awning walls from which to choose, and since they all have their own various features and options, note a few tips on selecting the best awning wall for your caravan. Windows Before you decide on an awning wall with windows, note that these openings might allow in more sand, dust and airborne dirt, especially if you holiday near the beach or in the desert. Read More 

How Do You Protect Your Furniture from Damage During A Move?

Your furniture is among the most valuable belongings you have in your home. For this reason, it is imperative to always keep them out of harm's way. One way that your furniture can easily get damaged is during a house removal. Many people end up with damaged pieces of furniture perhaps because they failed to pack or wrap them the right way. Therefore, you have to prepare your furniture well for the move. Read More 

How to Make a Sunroom More Inviting and Enjoyable

A sunroom in a home is a bit different than an outdoor patio or deck, as a sunroom will be enclosed but then have screens or large windows all around it; a sunroom is then an actual room of the home, but with more sunlight and air circulation than a standard interior room. If your home has a sunroom, but you don't seem to enjoy the space, note a few tips for making this room more inviting and enjoyable overall. Read More 

What Is a Prefabricated Dwelling?

Essentially, a prefabricated dwelling is one that is manufactured away from the plot where it will be assembled. You can think of a prefabricated house as something of a kit which provides a home to live in once it has been put together. They come in a variety of forms and are sometimes favoured by architects because of the superior build quality that can be specified at a lower cost. Read More