4 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Firewood Over Softwood

If you want to burn firewood, you should make sure you pick out the right kind of timber. Plenty of people assume that one type of firewood is as good as the next, and they often turn their backs on hardwood since it tends to be more expensive than softwood. However, hardwood firewood comes with a whole host of benefits. Here are just four reasons to pick it over softwood timber. Read More 

5 Tips for Putting Out Electrical Fires

Fires aren't all the same, and the type of fire dictates what you need to do to put it out. If you are facing an electrical fire, there are key steps you should take. Check out the following tips. 1. Don't Use Water Conventional wisdom says to grab a bucket of water if you see a fire, but unfortunately, that doesn't always work. If you're facing an electrical fire, never use water. Read More